2 weeks to go until we start the MADRIDE!  It’s pretty exciting for all the riders, and hectic for the organisers.  For the riders, the training is basically done and their focus shifts to making sure their bikes have all had a final service and are ready to go, along with the gear they need to take.  For the organisers, it’s all about making sure the support vehicles and equipment are ready to go and collecting together all the food (and there is lots of it) that has been generously donated for the MADRIDE.  Thank you very much to all the people who have given their time, skills and resources to get the support vehicles/equipment ready…we are very grateful.  To all those individuals and businesses (bakeries in particular) that have donated food for the riders thank you as well, and it will be appreciated very much :).  We are excited too that the MADRIDE website goes live today…thanks to the people who have worked hard to make that happen.  We hope you enjoy it and come back to it often over the next month to keep up with the MADRIDE as we make our way across Australia.  And thank you to everybody that keeps encouraging us, supporting us, sponsoring us and helping raise awareness and resources for MADCOW.