Toph Naunton

Toph Naunton
About Me

Age: 30

Bike: 2006 Orbea Asphalt

Motivation: Like a challenge and a stupid adventure that draws attention to a bigger cause … working with people who are homeless and disadvantaged

Inspiration: Dave Gillett – Mostly talked to him about it

Why Help MADCOW? The world isn’t going to be a better place without everyone just doing something good.  Sometimes its helping MADCOW, other times its helping a neighbour or friend, or someone you won’t know through being an organ or blood donor.  Whatever it is, everyone just needs to do something good to make a difference and change our world


Most challenging aspect: Motivation – comes in waves, hard to get out the door, rarely raring to go, especially in the cold

Funniest Moment: Lewis Gillett pedalling his heart out trying to get in the slipstream of the car as we were filming the promo. Meanwhile, Dave Jones was loving life, hardly pedalling.  Lewis will always have a crack at a sprint too – one day, he’ll win one!

Interesting Training Partner: The person riding next to me

Favourite bakery: Maldon (but any that will take a card for food fuel!)

The Ride

Distance Goal: Whole distance from Streaky Bay to Bendigo.

Biggest Fear: The distance & my body falling apart too soon

Most Looking Forward to: Going on the journey with a good bunch of people

After the Ride: My bed & just being done – sense of achievement

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August 15, 2017