Adrian Simpson

Adrian Simpson
About Me

Age: 23

Bike: Specialized Tarmac

Motivation: I love doing physical things that not many people do. Riding across the Nullarbor ticks the box for me and – with a goal to help people less fortunate than me – how could I say no?

Inspiration: Jesus – He went the distance in the name of love … What a guy to look up to!

Why Help MADCOW? I want to be the change I want to see in this world.  What a great opportunity to be part of an active movement that looks to love the person who is homeless or a refugee


Most challenging aspect: Riding and training solo

Funniest Moment: Rocking up to a BikeSA in Adelaide, only to find people over 75 years old

Interesting Training Partner: TBA

Favourite bakery: Villi’s in Adelaide is well worth the stop

The Ride

Distance Goal: Every one of those 3,440km

Biggest Fear: Gravel rash from a mega stack

Most Looking Forward to: Community, laughter, memories, encouragement, daily challenge, food

After the Ride: Great sense of achievement. Head full of memories. A few kisses from my wife

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August 15, 2017