Andrew Johnston

Andrew Johnston
About Me

Age: 49

Bike: Jamis

Motivation: Love the idea of a challenge, even more so when it is attached to helping those less fortunate. Satisfaction of helping those in need

Inspiration: A couple of mates – Gary Lawlor and Dave Cole – their passion for life, riding and taking on the big adventures

Why Help MADCOW? Excited about having a positive influence in the lives of people around Bendigo


Most challenging aspect: Staying with the bunch

Funniest Moment: Listening to Jacob Lovell question the sanity of riding 120km on a cold Saturday morning

Interesting Training Partner: John Bell – So much riding experience in those legs and wisdom about how to perfect the riding style

Favourite bakery: Huntly Bakery

The Ride

Distance Goal: 2 sessions per day

Biggest Fear: The hills

Most Looking Forward to:  The camaraderie of journeying with a bunch of fantastic, passionate and interesting people on the trip of a lifetime. I expect the memories and friendships forged to continue for a very long time afterwards

After the Ride: Seeing Jill and Sarah after 4 weeks on the road. The comforts of ‘home, sweet home’


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  1. Wendy Steele

    Hi AJ. Hope you survived the first day well and can get up and down those hills. Praying for safety for all of you.


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August 15, 2017