Daryl Anderson

Daryl Anderson
About Me

Age: 71

Bike: Traditional ‘squared’ frame of Reynolds steel.  Shimano ‘mix & match’ componentry.

Motivation: Having the opportunity to test one’s abilities of endurance and mindset

Inspiration: Various people who I’ve read about and met over the years, who have completed epic journeys

Why Help MADCOW? Benefitting a worthy cause.  Opportunity to support a section of our local community who need our help in a real and practical way.


Most challenging aspect: The early starts during a fairly cool/cold winter

Funniest Moment: Inadvertently riding with cycling shorts inside out (hope no-one noticed!)

Interesting Training Partner: Not any one person, but the younger members of the group whom I admire/congratulate on their enthusiasm, discipline & commitment

Favourite bakery: Elmore … but, as they say, ‘any port in a storm’

The Ride

Distance Goal: Uncommitted to any specific distance, Will see ‘which way the wind is blowing’, Hope to be there when the ‘whips are cracking’

Biggest Fear: No real fears, I’m confident that a well-organised and well-supported venture will be successful

Most Looking Forward to:  A successful and rewarding result/achievement with a group of likeminded people (participants & support crew)

After the Ride: A planned trip along the NSW central coast


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  1. Bruce McWilliam

    Great to see you are undertaking this great adventure for such a worthwhile cause. Trust it is an enjoyable trip for you. Show ’em how it is done!


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August 15, 2017