Dave Gillett

Dave Gillett
About Me

Age: 44

Bike: Trek Emonda SL

Motivation: The opportunity to create a memorable adventure and complete a significant challenge with a group of younger & older people that will be really good for us all. The adventure can be used for the good of MADCOW.

Inspiration: Ken Geyer and Lewis Gillett

Why Help MADCOW? I know the people involved in MADCOW personally, and they have a great heart for helping people in our community and I have seen the difference they have made for people in need.


Most challenging aspect: The hours of mental application

Funniest Moment: A Monday afternoon ride with Jake Lovell cheering/shouting/roaring encouragement to us through the last section

Interesting Training Partner: Ethan Coleman, Lewis Gillett and Jake Lovell – They always have something going on

Favourite bakery: Hard choice … 1st Gaffneys Bakery @ Heathcote, 2nd Huntly Bakehouse, 3rd Elmore Bakery

The Ride

Distance Goal: The whole distance

Biggest Fear: An accident in the bunch preventing people being able to complete the ride

Most Looking Forward to: Achieving the goals we have set for ourselves, The camaraderie, Being able to focus just on riding, The food

After the Ride: Being able to celebrate with my wife and kids, My own bed and a spa, Having the feeling of satisfaction that we have achieved what we set out to do


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August 15, 2017