Ethan Coleman

Ethan Coleman
About Me

Age: 16

Bike: Seven Speed

Motivation: Helping those less fortunate to me. And achieve something my grandfather did in 2001.

Inspiration: My papa did a ride himself when I was little. I’d say he is my biggest inspiration. I’m also using the same bike he rode with.

Why Help MADCOW? Because helping others is a wonderful thing to do and others that are less fortunate need the support. So when you have so much it’s not to hard to give a little.


Most challenging aspect: Pushing myself when I’m not feeling like a big ride

Funniest Moment: When Mc Brown spat on Lee Hall when we where riding in a cross wind. Also ending up at KFC half way through a training ride.

Interesting Training Partner: Louise

Favourite bakery: Heathcote Bakery. The swag roles are sensational.

The Ride

Distance Goal: I would like to ride the whole ride.

Biggest Fear: Not making it.

Most Looking Forward to: The joy of finishing the ride and achieving something so big.

After the Ride: Being able to say I rode from Bunbury to Bending and the bike it’s self had done two extraordinary rides


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August 16, 2017