Isaac Parkinson

Isaac Parkinson
About Me

Age: 23

Bike: Watch this space

Motivation: Love is a verb.  Helping people who are homeless

Inspiration: Ken Geyer and Matt Parkinson

Why Help MADCOW? ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ If those of us more fortunate than others, blessed one person a day, it would change the world. We can start in our local community – TODAY!


Most challenging aspect: Cold short days. Finding time to train

Funniest Moment: One Public toilet in Elmore vs 6 highly metabolised riders

Interesting Training Partner: AJ – I learn something new about him every day

Favourite bakery: Huntly Bakery

The Ride

Distance Goal: The whole whack!

Biggest Fear: Groundhog Day

Most Looking Forward to: The whole whack!  Forming a strong community with the crew and experiencing the strength of a unified team

After the Ride: Chariots of Fire theme music playing through my head as a thinner, weathered and patchy-bearded Isaac rolls into the MADCOW Stampede on 8th October

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August 15, 2017