McCrae Parkinson

McCrae Parkinson
About Me

Age: 16

Bike: Giant Defy Alex

Motivation: I love cycling and this is my first road bike. Every time I ride, I feel joyful and passionate

Inspiration: My sister, Yonah, and Mum and Dad

Why Help MADCOW? I want to be a blessing to others


Most challenging aspect: Living away from the majority of the MADCOW bunch, so I tend to ride alone

Funniest Moment: When Daryl, Lee, Dave, Isaac, Lewis and myself stopped at the Elmore Bakery.  Lewis went to the toilet for ages, making an old lady use a different rest room.  After Lewis, Dave went in to unload, adding to the aroma.  I then went in gasping.  After me was Isaac.  A stranger went in after all of us and came out looking like she was going to be sick!

Interesting Training Partner: Lewis Gillett – Nothing more needs to be said

Favourite bakery: Elmore Bakery (at the moment)

The Ride

Distance Goal: The full ride

Biggest Fear: That I’ve put in so much effort and my parents’ money, but might not be able to make the full distance

Most Looking Forward to: Getting to know the people in the bunch on a spiritual level

After the Ride: Sleeping in, Missing some school, The accomplishment of what I’ve done

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August 15, 2017