Rowan Nash
About Me

Age: 30

Bike: Focus Cayo

Motivation: Keen to be part of a journey to see the country from a different perspective while we raise funds and awareness for people in Bendigo who are homeless and marginalised

Inspiration: Toph Naunton – Encouraged me to start riding (even in the rain to work!) Dave Jones – Dragging me, kicking and screaming, on the ride

Why Help MADCOW? I love what MADCOW is doing in our community and this is a great opportunity to be part of it. To make a difference and change our world … how can we ignore that call?


Most challenging aspect: Finding time to push longer rides during the week

Funniest Moment: Lewis always breaking out first for a sprint … too SOON!

Interesting Training Partner: Matt Johnson – He’s a legend!

Favourite bakery: Huntly (it’s the only one I’ve been to!)

The Ride

Distance Goal: Minimum 120km per day from Streaky Bay to Bendigo

Biggest Fear: Crashing. Breaking my bike

Most Looking Forward to: Journeying with an amazing group of people and sharing the highs and lows

After the Ride: Sense of accomplishment when we ride into the MadCow Stampede on 8th October

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August 15, 2017