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MADRIDE – Day 21 Summary

For those of you who don't have Facebook we apologise for neglecting you.  On the last night in Boort we went live to Facebook for the last blog.  This included a number of thank you's to the key people involved and some stories of what it meant to the people that...

MADRIDE – Day 23 Summary

The ride is over, but the pain is still very real.  So the recovery process must begin.  To see how some riders have hopefully accelerated the process check out the video below. We would like to thank everyone that came out yesterday to see us arrive at the lake, it...

MADRIDE – Day 22 Summary

Day 22...the finish.  What an exciting day for us all!  Back to Day 21; we sent the video live to Facebook of our evening presentations at the Boort Tennis Club.  We will get some video onto here in the next couple of days, but it was a pleasant day of riding from...

MADRIDE Day 20 Summary

Day 20 and we had a very cold welcome into Victoria, but the day went as smoothly as we hoped and we worked well as a team to get into Tempy in good time. It's nice to back onto Victorian time..between time zone changes and daylight saving we have lost 3 hours since...

MADRIDE – Day 19 Summary

Day 19 is done and we are almost through our 2nd state (South Australia) as we pause at Pinnaroo for the night. We ticked over 3000km today too, which was a reason for celebration. That was in the middle of a strong head wind though, and the excitement came and went...

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MADRIDE – Day 18 Summary

Day 18 and we made the journey from Spalding to Waikerie. We passed through some very pleasant countryside, and some barren stuff that reminded us of the Nullarbor. We started out in jackets with a chilly 8 degrees, and ended up sweltering in 33 degrees. Enjoy the...

MADRIDE Day 17 Summary

Day 17, and we had a pleasant days riding from Port Augusta to Spalding. Plenty of traffic to work with until Crystal Brook and then a pleasant afternoon through the hills to Spalding. Enjoy hearing some of the support crew perspective on the ride....

MADRIDE Day 16 Summary

Here's Day 16 for everybody..Kimba to Port Augusta. It was only 154km and though we didn't have any wind assistance it went pretty smoothly and it was nice to finish by mid afternoon. A swim in the sea was excellent afterwards. Enjoy 🙂

MADRIDE – Day 15 Summary

Day 15 of the MADRIDE, and we have made it to Kimba (which is apparently halfway across Australia). It was a calm day, but 192km took 7.5 hours of riding and it was nice to get to the finish. We enjoyed having some new riders with us too. Enjoy the blog....
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A group of 23 novice cyclists making the journey from Bunbury (WA) to Bendigo (VIC) between September 17th and October 8th. That’s 3513km in 22 days, or a Tour de France without the hills!  175km a day across three states of Australia will be quite a challenge, but we are committed to having a go.  MADCOW (Make A Difference, Change Our World) is a local charity connected with Bendigo Baptist Community Care.  They are working hard to alleviate the plight of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community, through avenues such as the Life Essentials Op Shop, Counselling Services, Budget Planning Advice, MADCOW cleaning (which is employing Karen refugees and helping them find their way into the workforce). Through the MAD Ride, we aim to raise awareness and resources for MADCOW to continue to make a difference in our community and beyond.