Well it was a picture perfect day leavingĀ  Aramac. After filling up at the Aramac servo, the lady gave us a very generous donation.

Riding was perfect and the team travelling well when a series of punctures slowed us down considerably.

Rod finally had that under control and then a slight change in road conditions and rider formation caused a rather nasty crash.

A shoulder injury for one and rib injury for another marred what was otherwise a perfect day.

Lewis wanted to do some extra riding and got lost on sunset. We sent out a search party but fortunately for him, he was found by a ranger that would normally only be in that area on a rare occasion.

By the time we met them at the station, it would appear it may have been a serendipidous meeting. Lewis and Michelle the ranger parted looking slighlty broken herated.

Sam and Nicole Dart welcomed us with opem arms to their station. Keen Gea station was a stunning place filled with amazing country hospitality.