Day 22…the finish.  What an exciting day for us all!  Back to Day 21; we sent the video live to Facebook of our evening presentations at the Boort Tennis Club.  We will get some video onto here in the next couple of days, but it was a pleasant day of riding from Tempy and exciting to come into the Boort in the late afternoon with plenty of family and friends there to welcome us.

Then onto Day 22.  You could feel a buzz amongst the group this morning as we packed up and got ready and then headed out of Boort with some other riders to join us.  We were hoping for a tail wind, but it was more of a cross wind.  It didn’t dampen our spirits though and everybody was happy to be out riding and soaking up the feeling of being near the end. Morning tea at Serpentine, a bit of rain on the way into Bendigo and then after a pause in Eaglehawk we arrived into Lake Weeroona right on time.  What a crowd, and what a welcome!  It was sensational, and so exciting to be a part of.  There was even an orange welcome cake waiting for us :).  Thank you to everybody for all the support and encouragement you have given us.  There will be more posts to go up over the coming days to summarise it all, but we hope you enjoy Jenni’s video of us arriving into Lake Weeroona as she followed behind in the bus.